“Thanks to my work with David, I am able to short-circuit feelings of overwhelm and move quickly to solutions that focus on my strengths and priorities.”

My goals in working with David were to infuse my life with more calm, and get better at handling feelings of overwhelm. No small feat as I have a demanding job and two young children. David and I had an instant connection which allowed us to quickly dig into what was going on for me personally and professionally.

He helped me begin a meditation journey which is bringing a newfound access to calm in my daily life. David also helped me shift my mindset to understand that I possess all of the tools to handle being overwhelmed. Now when I start to feel overwhelmed, I am able to short-circuit those feelings and move much more quickly to approaches and solutions that focus on my strengths and priorities. I feel I am well on my way to achieving the goals I set for myself, thanks to the great work David and I did together.

- Meaghan, Consultant

While working with David, I owned the actions I needed to be healthier PLUS I stopped being so negative in how I spoke to myself internally.

Before working with David to get more grounded in 30 days, I kept saying that I needed to make healthier choices with no real follow-through or intention behind my words.

While working with David, something shifted in me. I owned where I was and the actions needed to be healthier PLUS I stopped being so negative in how I spoke to myself internally.

That switch caused me to take action, praise my body for being strong enough to go on this journey, and find gratitude for the time I was able to take for myself. I now have healthier habits because I want to nourish my body and because I enjoy the process – not because I am punishing myself. I also just happened to lose 43 pounds in 3.5 months while finding joy and gratitude.

- Kristin

For anybody looking for peace of mind and removing those stubborn internal barriers to success and fulfillment, David Kincaid is the answer.

My coaching time with David has allowed me to feel abundance without being attached to it. I don’t have to worry, stress, chase, or fight for what is truly meant for me. I have learned the power of daily meditation in clearing my mind and recognizing that inner thoughts create outer results. Your “now” is your focus on the future and not the conditions of the present. This was a revolutionary change for me. Thank You, David!

- Brad

After every session, I felt so excited, inspired, and uplifted by the conversations we had.

I decided to inquire about coaching because I felt like there was something more out there for me. I felt like what I was doing wasn’t good enough. I had a discovery call to explore coaching with David and immediately had a connection with him.

I decided to do 12 sessions with David and he took the time to get to know my situation before even getting started. He asked me challenging questions that nobody had ever asked. He helped me take action with my life and get moving in the right direction; and not just thinking about a direction, taking that action, and immediately getting results.

With those results, I was able to make changes in my daily life, and I found exactly what I needed and felt empowered to move forward.  If anyone is looking for a coach, I highly recommend David. He is an amazing man, and after every session, I felt so excited, inspired, and uplifted by the conversations that we had.

- Tom

David was very skilled in helping me contemplate and reflect on my crisis, and maintain a progressive focus to live freely.

David has a very special approach and tact to applied coaching. My original purpose to join was to better understand my own personal priorities and develop specific goals and an action plan to achieve those goals. Lo and behold, life happened to throw my initial plans for the future into disarray.

David was very skilled in helping me contemplate and reflect on my crisis, and then synthesize the experience into my being. David is capable of pivoting, yet maintaining a progressive focus to help live freely.

Conversations were not always comfortable, but David’s technique helps cut through my own internal BS to get to the point of my own contemplation and action. Now, I am more adept at structuring a positive life practice that meets my needs and emerging vision of a good future.

~ Daniel, Foreign Service Officer Client

David helped me step fearlessly into my power to embrace the fullness of my light, and flourish in life without borders.

Through my coaching sessions, David walked me through how to set and communicate boundaries in an entirely new way. For the first time in my life, I was able to be intentional and discerning with the people, places, and things I chose to give my time and energy.

As I became more secure in myself, I was ready to tackle my year-long struggle of wanting to let go of a past relationship but was still holding on to the hope of reconciliation. The action I needed to take was to reclaim my identity and sense of self-worth and fully accept unconditional love for myself; this would be my best achievement in my coaching sessions with David.

I could now receive joy in knowing that I could choose to process my emotions and communicate them from a place of love rather than confrontation.

With every coaching session, David consistently expressed kindness and compassion that undeniably allowed me to step up fearlessly into my power to embrace the fullness of my light, discover new horizons, and flourish in life without borders.

I am forever grateful to have taken this self-discovery journey and live the life I’ve always wanted.

- Linda Tilson

“David’s work is absolutely being used for a higher purpose. I can attest to that.”

Working with David is, and has been a life-changing experience for me and helped me reconnect with my spiritual upbringing. I deeply resonate with his philosophy about how we’re all connected and it’s only an illusion that we are not.

David reinforced this philosophy of oneness that my dad shared with me as being his own spiritual philosophy not long before he passed away. Strangely enough, it found me again all this time later just when I was having difficulty knowing the universe cares and questioning whether I have a purpose.

My conversations with David about sitting with negative emotions have also been eye-opening. I was brushing my teeth one morning and having angry thoughts about my ex; worrying about how I was going to keep him out of my life. At that very moment, a single thought thundered into my head; “You must get quiet and sit with your emotions. That’s how you’re going to find freedom.” I instantly realized this message was directed to me and silently thanked the sender.

I was astonished when, just a few hours later, David told me the same exact thing…the odds are astronomical! Our conversation that day could have been about anything! It’s astounding how the universe sends amazing people to you at the right time to reinforce its message.

I’m so glad David is and has been a part of my spiritual growth and experience. Thank you again, David!

- Anonymous Client

David is such a beautiful soul. He is gregarious, charismatic, and warm, and I always felt comfortable and supported talking to him. When David and I first started working together, I was adrift – I was in the middle of moving between countries and careers and had no idea how to chart my next steps. David helped me find clarity by getting back in touch with my values and priorities. I now feel so much more confident in myself and my ability to make the best decisions for myself. David has a breadth of life and professional experience, which enables him to listen and problem solving with incredible acuity and empathy – I cannot recommend working with him enough.

~ Maddy

David helped me develop a vision statement to guide career decisions and develop a better work-life balance.  His approach resulted in the development of a living document that I review each week to ensure that my decisions remain aligned with my vision and values.  He is flexible, organized, and focused on practical and insightful solutions that reflect his clients’ essential values. 

~ Anonymous Client

Mr. Kincaid WOWed our team! He was able to break down walls and allow authentic discussion about how we as people should not assume we know people until we get to meet them. His story, insight, and love for people were exactly what our team needed! Our team is closer than ever after learning alongside Mr. Kincaid! Our team is still talking about the impact Mr. Kincaid made.
~ CJ Lowery, Principal




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