Becoming lost in the “doing of good” can get in the way of actually doing good – it can obscure your original vision, undermine exciting new directions and leave you bogged down in everyday demands.

• Are you working to improve your communities and your world but not seeing the impact you want?

• Too often, I have seen visionaries and organizations struggle to find their voice. Is this you?

• Are your responsible for high-impact work and are contending with burnout, low morale, and an inability to achieve satisfying results?

• Do you feel constrained or stuck in your personal and professional life?

• Do you feel your organization is not aligned and living out its vision?

I help leaders and organizations bring clarity to their vision and develop a strategic plan firmly rooted in the core values, talents, assets, and passions that will help bring their vision into alignment.

A solution for you!

When leaders align their organization with their vision and foster an enduring balance among members, together they can achieve new levels of creativity, innovation, and personal fulfillment. Leaders and organizations can then lean into their visions with ease.

I have worked with hundreds of companies over the years, making me uniquely well-qualified to understand what makes a business successful – and how important people are to an organization.

The focus of my work is on helping my clients optimize their lives through discovering with kindness a life without borders, allowing them to march to the beat of their own drum, making the world a better place.

How is my work transformational?

A leader is not just an individual but is a focal point of influence – this includes thought leaders as well as those leading private companies, government or non-government entities, non-profits, philanthropic organizations, associations, cooperatives, or community-based organizations.

Visionary leaders are the driving force behind organizations that are making a difference. Visionary leaders may lead their organizations to explore new product lines or to enter new markets or achieve new and extraordinary levels of mission success. They do so with the intention of improving the lives of others and making the world a better place.

I work with established and aspiring visionary leaders around the world who are committed to making a difference in their world, using a holistic approach through discovering with kindness a life without borders so that they can achieve sustainable balance in their contributions and lives.

This entails bringing together all of the components that comprise a complete and fulfilling life – enabling mental and physical health so you can love the things you are working on and live a full expression of yourself and your goals.

If you are an established or aspiring visionary leader or an organization looking to seek higher levels of harmony and satisfaction, I would love to work with YOU!

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Are you looking to move beyond what IS to something or somewhere new? Are you an Explorer seeking to transform those you lead and empower them to embark on new missions into new territory?  This is where inspiration and fulfillment lie for you, the Explorer.  

If you are an aspiring or seasoned leader but feel lost and want to make a difference in your life and the lives around you, I can help! Through a series of 1:1 sessionswe will work together to bring sustainable balance to the YOUR organizational contributions and life.  

My approach will help you find clarity in what you seek through a process of discovering with kindness. You will go from stumbling well to harnessing YOUR power and energy of YOUR talents that will empower you to take BIG leaps into exciting new domains with strength and confidence.  

Are you ready to embark upon the journey of finding harmony within your life?
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Do you or your organization struggle with getting alignment amongst your teams? Is your organization experiencing a decrease in morale? Are your leaders overwhelmed by their transition into new positions and feel ill-equipped to take on the new challenge?  

Too often, organizations flounder and struggle to get their teams aligned with the company’s vision. The excitement and passion that goes with such creative urges sometimes fall flat in implementation. Executives struggle to pry themselves free of the everyday demands of their jobs and have little time to focus on what’s most important, leaving the organization caught in a demoralizing struggle to stay alive. New leaders struggle to lead, and teams are not functioning efficiently.  

Looking to energize your team to meet your organization’s broader objective, my Group Workshops will provide the space for an effective, directed, and solution-oriented dialogue, free of the oversight of managers.  

This process can help prevent conflict, achieve more substantial team unity, and foster productive collaboration by establishing different working styles and communication preferences. These workshops are also helpful for motivating team members by establishing and setting individual values and priorities and aligning these internally and with the organizations broader mission.  

Ready to POWER up your team and organization’s success! Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about how we can work together.  

David is such a beautiful soul. He is gregarious, charismatic, and warm, and I always felt comfortable and supported talking to him. When David and I first started working together, I was adrift – I was in the middle of moving between countries and careers and had no idea how to chart my next steps. David helped me find clarity by getting back in touch with my values and priorities. I now feel so much more confident in myself and my ability to make the best decisions for myself. David has a breadth of life and professional experience, which enables him to listen and problem solving with incredible acuity and empathy – I cannot recommend working with him enough.

~ Maddy

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