Are you an aspiring leader?  

Are you an explorer of the continued work it takes to stay in alignment with your authentic self?  

Do you envision ways to better the world we live in?  

Do you yearn for that spark of something more yet feel stuck in the “doing good” in life?  

All this is possible for YOU!  

Experience wellness and joy while pursuing your dreams with 1:1 coaching.

My approach is discovering with kindness a life without borders where you can find a life worth meaning and fulfillment.  


Through my process of discovering with kindness, we will work together to answer some of the big questions that arise when we embark on a new journey.  

Where are you now?  

What determines where you want to go?  

How can you get connected to your deep desires 

What does a vision for a life without borders look like for you 

Together we will lift that veil and begin to embrace the YOU without borders. I will coach and train you on how to embark on your unique journey of self-discovery and alignment so you may embrace a life Without Borders that will give you your POWER back.  

Are you ready to explore all the opportunities that are right there waiting for YOU!

Schedule your complimentary consultation today! 


Have you seen old patterns of thinking take over, and your connection to that exhilarating vision you once had for yourself diminished? Have you become lost in the “doing of good” and feel bogged down in everyday demands?  

Many find articulating a vision and implementing that vision to be two disparate things. Yet, you can keep your feet on your path towards your dreams with practice and the proper support.  

Your dreams you’ve imagined are still available to you. Through my discovering with kindness approach, you will find your authentic vision and experience deeper levels of fulfillment and purpose in each decision you make.  

Through your 3month journey, we will explore what comes up as you incorporate your vision into all your choices. So get ready to find a more sustainable balance in your life, resulting in enhanced health, wellness, vitality, and self-expression.  

Are you ready to grow beyond your success?

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David is such a beautiful soul. He is gregarious, charismatic, and warm, and I always felt comfortable and supported talking to him. When David and I first started working together, I was adrift – I was in the middle of moving between countries and careers and had no idea how to chart my next steps. David helped me find clarity by getting back in touch with my values and priorities. I now feel so much more confident in myself and my ability to make the best decisions for myself. David has a breadth of life and professional experience, which enables him to listen and problem solving with incredible acuity and empathy – I cannot recommend working with him enough.

~ Maddy

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Do you find yourself yearning for something more? Your journey starts today! Release your limitless potential and discover with kindness your life without borders.

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