with David Kincaid
Author • Speaker • Coach

“Discovering with Kindness a Life Without Borders”


with David Kincaid
Author • Speaker • Coach

Discovering with Kindness a Life Without Borders

Empowering YOU to embrace the fullness of YOUR light, discover new horizons, and flourish in a life without borders.

Are you inspired by envisioning a way to better the world we live in?

Are you excited to imagine ways to grow beyond your current horizons?

Do you yearn for that spark of something more?

Do you wish to inspire those around you?

Would you like to unite your team for greater success?

Then YOU are a Visionary Leader.

As a transformational coach, I work with both visionary leaders and organizations to embark on the journey of discovering with kindness a life without borders in all aspects of living!

About David

Hi! I’m David Kincaid and I am on a mission to help people transform their lives that they may experience the fulfillment and joy that each of us deserves. When we are connected to our inner light, to our BEING, everything begins to fall into place. We find ourselves capable of more love and generosity than we could possibly have imagined. Our vision for a better world begins to take shape and we discover that we can lean into our passions and contribute in more meaningful ways. This is what I call a life without borders.

My own life without borders began at age 12 when I seized the opportunity to do odd jobs around my neighborhood—mowing lawns, landscaping, babysitting, cleaning pools and even teaching piano lessons—and earned $3000 so I could take myself to Europe alongside my grandmother. Since that time, I spent an exchange year in Luebeck, Germany and have worked in International Trade. These opportunities along with a passion for international peoples and cultures has taken me to more than 50 countries and I now speak 2 foreign languages!

Not all of my journey was a happy adventure. Growing up a gay man in a conservative Christian family and community did not go well for me. By my mid-twenties I had made several attempts on my life and found myself homeless and facing severe depression. By the age of 30—though I had found a way out of homelessness—I was also severely overweight, and the depression continued.




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Do you find yourself yearning for something more? Your journey starts today! Release your limitless potential and discover with kindness your life without borders.

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